Catalysts for change get a ball rolling with an idea, a story, an experience. These are the conversation starters that light the fuse for others. We invite you to submit your own story and set something exciting in motion!

Our catalysts


Tony Henderson-Newport

A Kiwi to the bone, Tony spent many years living in the UK, returning to New Zealand in 2014. Tony is a coach and mentor, and is particularly interested in how individuals and businesses communicate their core messages. A focus for Tony is business and enterprise start-ups and stay-ups. He is an experienced project, programme and portfolio manager, having worked in IT in New Zealand, the United Kingdom and Europe. He is connected to and supports Victoria University’s young entrepreneurs, has spoken at Westminster through his work with CEOs in the UK and has has been in attendance at 10 Downing Street through his charity fundraising. Tony is an author, a poet, a proud dad and passionate about all things Kiwi.  He has been delving into what makes up the Kiwi DNA… in other words, “what makes a Kiwi tick?”