Connectors are New Zealanders driving change through collaboration and innovation within communities, for communities. Active and influential in their networks and areas of interest, they are a connecting force to link like minds, complementary abilities and necessary resources, working together to build wellbeing.

Our connectors


Bill McDonald

Bill is a native Wellingtonian, entrepreneur, business operator, sports enthusiast and family man whose passion is to make the capital one of the most liveable cities in the world. A finance specialist with a long track record in consultancy in the public, private and NGO sectors, he also works with a number of community organisations and interests. Time and again his experience has shown that resource-strapped organisations and enterprises have common needs. Bill is keen to foster an ecosystem that enables collaboration, sharing resources and ideas, matching supporters, advocates and funders to entrepreneurs and innovators, thereby harnessing and channelling the wealth of talent and opportunity the capital has to offer.


Laurie Foon

Laurie is a designer who built a nationally recognised fashion label. This saw her successfully following sustainable business practices, where fashion could go hand in hand with caring for the environment, and has been a model that has been followed by others in the industry. She views the city as a whole, and is most proud of the uniqueness that Wellington holds. She continues her journey in sustainability as the Wellington Coordinator for the Sustainable Business Network, its vision to see New Zealand be a “model sustainable nation”. As part of that vision, Laurie would love to claim Wellington as the “coolest little sustainable capital in the world”.


David Lee

David has lived in three of New Zealand’s major cities, and chose to make Wellington his home. His vision is for a vibrant city rich with opportunity, enterprise, diversity and recreation – a place that holds its own against the world’s great cities and where our young people will choose to stay. He is an urban planner, with a career built in local and central government. More recently, he has step-changed to his current role as a Wellington City Councillor. David’s work with community, business, environmental and other interest groups coupled with a clarity of purpose has seen him spearhead several ventures that have brought multiple parties to the same table.


Mark Cassidy

Mark is the Chief Executive of Welington Community Trust, a philanthropic trust which distributes funds to local community organisations. A lawyer originally from the UK, he began his career in New Zealand in the trust business. While working for trustee companies Mark developed his interest in philanthropy, advancing the management of charitable trusts, charitable trust funds and services. Qualified in business and financial planning, he has a wealth of experience in managing charitable trust funds. Mark is committed to putting back into the community and is a trustee of two health-related NGOs and an active member of Rotary Club.