Tony Henderson-Newport, ConnectPorirua

PopUp Business School Aotearoa reinvents how to start a small business right here in New Zealand. Our courses run for ten days, target part-timers, beneficiaries and those with little business acumen, and (the best bit) are free for participants.

The Pop Up Business School originated in the United Kingdom where founders Alan Donegan and Simon Paine recognised traditional ways of starting businesses just wasn’t working. Since 2012, they have helped over 1,500 small businesses start up across the United Kingdom.

During the 10-Days attendees learn:

  • How to set a business up for free
  • Build a website with no money
  • The quickest way to find a customer
  • Motivational, confidence building content
  • The quickest way to start-up

“PopUp Business School is about providing the confidence and skills to start a business with no money”

A link to our website is available here:

Joining Connect Porirua

Connect Porirua is part of Connect Aotearoa. Connect Porirua is a chance for members to collaborate, to learn off each other and support each other to be sustainable in business. It is about being a ‘living’ community of small businesses in Porirua.

Business opportunities rise up all the time and through Connect Porirua the conversations can start and business relationships can foster. These opportunities can open new doors to grow your business; to enable sustainable growth.

A business owner crosses all boundaries: Cultural, ethnic, gender – The rich diversity and ‘give it a go’ approach of Porirua means that anyone with the ‘ghost’ of a business idea in any field of business endeavour can ‘give it a real crack.’ Let’s get together and really connect. Let’s Connect Porirua!

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